Orangefarm project in Johannesburg - 07/10/2007

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Sun, 07 October 2007

After several months of planning, students at the School of Architecture at the Technical University of Munich completed construction of the Orange farm project within 5 weeks. The township area close to Johannesburg has been provided with a new kindergarten catering 60 to 80 children. The project was not only designed but also erected on site by the student group.

Orangefarm project in Johannesburg - 07/10/2007

Orangefarm project in Johannesburg

The objective of the projects was to create urgently needed social institutions, especially kindergartens and educational facilities for young people, and thus to initiate a learning process on both sides: European students and their tutors shall receive new insights into living conditions in other parts of the world.

To realise this project, the student group urgently needed to raise funds provisionally estimated at € 70,000, to cover building materials, tools, transportation and the wages of local workers. The student group works free of payment.

The new building built by the students replaced an insufficiently furnished shack, which was used as a day nursery. The intended architectural measures on the large property were to create a more flexible and spacious interior, as well as a protected outdoor space and playing area.

During the design phase, important architectural issues such as functional and ecological aspects, an economical and appropriate use of materials and a high aesthetic standard for the building‘s appearance are to be taken into account.

Taking into account all the architectural issues, the students specified Macalloy M16 in Macalloy 460 tension rods, which provided cross bracing for the Kindergarten as illustrated in the image above. As well as Macalloy providing the tendons entirely from voluntary contributions, other companies who also paid the same complement include Roebuck and Clarke that did the Galvanizing and the Marlow Group, which supplied the box to enable Macalloy to ship everything over to Johannesburg.