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Macalloy 1030 is the first and last name in post tensioning bar, providing a wide range of post tension bar services and products.

For the past 60 years Macalloy 1030 has developed to include 75mm bar and stainless steel grade. The Macalloy 1030 post tensioning system is manufactured to a UK CARES approved scheme to comply in all respects with the provisions of BS4486 and ETAG 013.The BS4486 defines the mechanical properties of the bar, while ETAG 013 defines the performance of the whole system. This ensures that the system provides suitable structural performance as a whole.

Diameters 25mm to 50mm bars are cold worked to achieve their desired mechanical properties. 75mm is quenched and tempered after controlled rolling to ensure the same physical properties are supplied as the smaller diameter material.

The specially developed thread profiles are cold rolled directly onto the bar. This provides a thread which offers exceptionally low lock-off losses, and superior fatigue performance, both being features which are required to be proved by testing for a post tension system. This robust self cleaning thread is easy to assemble and particularly resistant to the abuse sustained during site installation.

All fittings are designed to transmit the failing load of the threaded bars in conformance with the gripping and anchorage efficiency provisions of ETAG013 for both static and dynamic loading. The range of standard fittings can be extended to meet your exact requirements, please discuss with the Macalloy technical department. Macalloy has compiled extensive research and test data. Should you wish to discuss the use of Macalloy further, please contact the Macalloy technical team.


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