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Tension Rods - Macalloy 460, S460, 520, S520

by Ian Barwick last modified Wed, 24 Jul 2013

Macalloy tension rods are the core component of the Macalloy tension structures range. They provide a high strength threaded steel bar with architectural fork end finish.

Two standard strength systems are available. The Macalloy 460 range with a yield strength of 66,700 psi and Macalloy 520 with a yield strength of 75,400 psi.

Tension Bar

Macalloy tension rods are available in a range of finishes including carbon, galvanized and the stainless steel range known as S460 and S520 to denote stainless and the yield strength.

Bars are available with outer thread diameters from 0.39" to 3.94".

The tension rod system, also known globally as tie rods, tie bars and tension bars provide adjustment of the total length. Further adjustment of the bar can be achieved with the use of a turnbuckle, which can also be used to induce a load in the system.

The tension rod system utilises the same Macalloy fork end as the rest of the tension structures range of stainless cables and compression struts allowing for combinations of all 3 systems.


Bars are available in lengths up to 12 metres with longer lengths achievable by connecting bars with couplers or turnbuckles.

Cross Coupler

A range of crossover and connection solutions are available, particularly applicable for bracing and cross bracing applications.

Central Connections

The Macalloy tension bar system has CE approval, soon to be mandatory for structural steel work throughout the EU.

For more details of yield loads, levels of adjustment and component dimensions please downloads the Macalloy tension structures brochure.


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Technical Drawings

  • 3D M10-M100 Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover (In IGES format)
  • 3D M10-M100 Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover (In PDF format)
  • 3D M10-M100 Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover (In IGES format)
  • 3D M10-M100 Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover (In PDF format)
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M10
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M100
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M12
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M16
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M20
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M24
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M30
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M36
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M42
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M48
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M56
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M64
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M76
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M85
  • Assembly Fork Pin Lockcover M90
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M10
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M100
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M12
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M16
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M20
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M24
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M30
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M36
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M42
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M48
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M56
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M64
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M76
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M85
  • Assembly Turnbuckle Lockcover M90