Macalloy Architectural Tension Bars in Network Arch Bridge; Propad, Czech Republic

Macalloy Architectural Tension Bars were used on this Network Arch Bridge Design in Czech Republic. The Macalloy TechnoTensioner was also used to stress the galvanised bars.

This network arch road bridge uses Macalloy galvanized tension bars to suspend the bridge deck and help maintain the tension in the main arch. As the main hangers cross each other at least twice this is classified as a network arch bridge. The use of crossed members in a network arch allows for the standard deck arch bridge height to length ratios to be extended significantly, reducing on materials and cost.

Macalloys partner in the Czech Republic, Tension Systems s.r.o. undertook the stressing of the galvanised tension bars on site using Macalloys tie bar stressing device, the Macalloy TechnoTensioner.

Project design company - ISPRIM s.r.o, Slovakia

Macalloy thanks Mr. Roman for his cooperation throughout the project.

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Australia 108, Melbourne, Australia

Australia 108, planned for construction at 70 Southbank Boulevard, Southbank, Victoria, will be the first 100 storey residential apartment building in the southern hemisphere. Macalloy is providing a total of 203 tonnes of 1030 steel bar in 75mm fully threaded. 


VTB Web 2.png

VTB Arena, Moscow Russia

Work is well under way at the VTB Arena - also known as Dynamo Central Stadium. Macalloy have provided galvanised 520 Grade Tension Rods in M16, M85 and M100. Work is expected to be completed later on this year, ready to host FIFA 2018 World Cup. Macalloy is also supplying Tension Rods to 4 other Russian Stadiums/Arena's - again these venues will be hosting the 2018 World Cup.




Site Services

Macalloy can provide support for installation and stressing of all our products. Site services support includes equipment hire, training of site personnel to install and tension bars and on site installation.

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