Qatar National Convention Centre, Sidra Trees — Macalloy

Qatar National Convention Centre, Sidra Trees

Qatar National Convention Centre, Sidra Trees

Year of Completion 2011

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The Qatar National Convention Centre will open its doors in 2011, offering 40,00sqm of exhibition space in 9 halls. Setting a new benchmark in global venue design, QNCCS's expertly planned space is fully flexible, including 4,000-seat confernce hall, 2,300-seat lyric style theatre, three tiered auditoria, complemented by an addtional 52 meeting rooms all adaptable to accommodate the full range of events.

Utilising M76 galvanised tendons complete with nut and washer. The Sidra Trees project required the final make up bar lengths to range from 70 to 110 metres. With bar lengths of such magnitude, Macalloy engineers designed a special coupler with an internal chamber to allow joints to be assembled by running the coupler first on to the one bar before adding the next bar on to the tendon.

In addition Macalloy 1030 fully threaded in M50 was supplied for the tower top suspension hangers, each bar supplied with a maximum anticipated load of 775KN.

Steel Work Contractor: Victor Buyck

Architect: RHWL

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