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Tension Structures – Tension Bars, Stainless Cables and Compression Struts

by admin last modified Tue, 14 May 2013

Macalloys tension structures range of products covers 4 main products.

Tension Bars

High strength steel bars, often referred to as tie rods, tie bars, tension rods and tension bars. Available in carbon steel which can be galvanised and stainless steel.

Tension Bar

Adjustable Compression Struts

Provide for adjustment of the total length using Macalloys standard fork (clevis) end design.

Standard Compression Strut

Architectural Compression Strut

Stainless Cables

Utilise Macalloys standard fork design with varying degrees of adjustment available and three different cable types.

Stainless Cable

CHS Fork End

The Macalloy CHS Fork end provides a fork, clevis, end termination joint for a CHS.

CHS Fork End

Macalloys tension structure range of products can be used in a variety of building types and construction applications. Just a few are highlighted below:

Large, long span, Lightweight Roof Structure – Tension bars are frequently used in lightweight roof structures covering long spans. Applications include stayed roof structures, tensioned steel arch and glulam beam structures. Tension bars are also used as wind bracing within roof structures to help minimise weight. Macalloy compression struts can also be used as compression members within roof structures to maintain a uniform finish.

Wind Bracing and Cross Bracing – Tension bars are often used as bracing in steel and glulam structures to provide cost effective, lightweight, bracing tendons. Tie Rods can be combined with compression members to provide a uniform finish.

Bridges – Macalloy tension bars can be used in a variety of ways for bridges. As stays for stayed bridges, hangers for arch bridges, to tension glulam or steel beam bridges, for bracing box girders and stress laminated timber bridges.

Suspended Structures – Tension bars and stainless cables are regularly used to suspend structures including meeting rooms, canopies, elevators, lighting and artwork or sculptures.

Facade – Tension bars and stainless cables are often used to provide structural support for glass facades and atriums. Compression struts can also be used for compression members to provide a uniform finish.

Tensile Membrane structures – Macalloy stainless cables, tension bars and compression struts can be used throughout tensile fabric structures.

Building Types – Macalloy tension structure products are used in a vast range of building types. This includes airports, stadia, schools, colleges, universities, museums, arenas, leisure centres, civic buildings, bridges, aircraft hangers, skywalks and shopping centres.

For examples of applications and building types Macalloy has supplied to previously please have a look at our projects page where you can search by building type, application and territory.