Macalloy 1030 and S1030 Post Tensioning Bar

The Macalloy 1030 is a carbon chrome steel with a composition designed to give the specified properties. The Macalloy 1030 Post Tensioning System consists of high tensile alloy steel bars. Download our brochures below for more information. Alternatively you can contact us; the details can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Macalloy 1030 and S1030 post tensioning bar systems are high strength bar systems with superior fatigue properties. The Macalloy Post Tension bar provides an ultimate yield strength of 1030 N/mm2.

Macalloy was the first company in the world to develop a post tensioning bar system in the 1940’s and the product has evolved to include a unique fatigue resistant thread form that provides low lock off losses on stressing. 

The Macalloy 1030 is a carbon-chrome steel with a composition designed to give specified properties.

The Macalloy Post Tension bar is available in diameters from 20 to 75mm.

















The 1030 bar is a high strength carbon chrome steel bar with the high strength properties achieved by either cold working or heat treatment. A Stainless Steel version is available, The Macalloy S1030, which is a martensitic nickel-chrome alloy steel, hardened during the manufacturing process.

Bars are available in standard lengths up to 11.8 metres and longer lengths can be achieved by joining bars together with couplers. A range of accessories including nuts, washers, end plates and ducts are also available.

For corrosion protection, in addition to standard ducts, Macalloy can also supply bars with factory applied Denso Tape. Denso tape is a grease impregnated tape with technical and cost saving benefits over traditional duct and grout solutions.

Macalloy PT bars up to 50mm diameter carry the European CE marking and are approved to the requirements of ETAG 13.

Macalloy can provide technical and onsite support. See separate pages for more information.

For more details of failing and proof loads of PT bar, stressing procedures and component dimensions please downloads the Macalloy Post Tensioning System brochure.




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Macalloy at EcoBuild Kuala Lumpur

Macalloy at Ecobuild, Kuala Lumpur

Congratulations to Macalloy Representative, @Sern Liang Lim and his team for exhibiting at Ecobuild SEA for the second year running.  A very productive few days.

Ecobuild SEA, held in conjunction with International Construction Week, is currently the largest construction trade event in Malaysia.


VTB Web 2.png

VTB Arena, Moscow Russia

Work is well under way at the VTB Arena - also known as Dynamo Central Stadium. Macalloy have provided galvanised 520 Grade Tension Rods in M16, M85 and M100. Work is expected to be completed later on this year, ready to host FIFA 2018 World Cup. Macalloy is also supplying Tension Rods to 4 other Russian Stadiums/Arena's - again these venues will be hosting the 2018 World Cup.



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Site Services

Macalloy can provide support for installation and stressing of all our products. Site services support includes equipment hire, training of site personnel to install and tension bars and on site installation.

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