Troja Arch Bridge , Czech Republic

This bridge design multifunctional uses high arc resistance Macalloy 520 tension rod system in bridge hangers. Macalloy has developed a form of resistance to the single thread tired for the project.

The bridge Troja is the latest addition to the ring road in Prague and will carry a two-lane road, two tram lines and walking paths and cycling on the Vltava River .

Cross training single ply hangers made ​​the rigid bridge , and allows a greater length to height ratios to be achieved on the standard bowstring bridges.

The bridge has a span of 200 meters while the bow is only 20 meters high at its highest point relative to a standard bow string should be 50 meters high. This arch bridge design has helped save up to 40% in hardware.

Macalloy has supplied its high resistance system voltage 520 bar to use as bridge hangers . Macalloy has developed a form of resistance to the single thread tired for the project that has been tested in accordance with EN 1993-1-11 : 2006 and meets the requirements of Eurocode 3 for fatigue connections in bridges .

Architectural steel bars are tensioned using Macalloys device Techno - tensioning - a device for locally stressing tension rods using a turnbuckle connection.

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Tizi Ouzou Stadium, Algeria

Nearing completion and scheduled to open in early 2019, Tizi Ouzou Stadium in Algeria. Macalloy has supplied M85 Carbon Tie Rods in 520 grade to help support the new stadiums roof.



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Site Services

Macalloy can provide support for installation and stressing of all our products. Site services support includes equipment hire, training of site personnel to install and tension bars and on site installation.

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