Macalloy Tension Bars in Lightweight, Large Span Roof in Czech Republic Airport

Mosnov hanger in Mosnov, Czech Republic; this Hanger uses Macalloy tie rods in 2 significant ways within the roof structure, the roof has a main span of 145 metres and is made up of 7 bowstring services. The lattice trusses were then connected together using the standard Macalloy CHS tubes and 460 tie rods, also known as tie bars as bracing elements. The products supplied by Macalloy were integral to the airport design.

This hangar is situated at Mošnov Airport near Ostrava town. It consists of the main hangar building for aircraft maintenance and repairs alongside a service building. The steel structure of the roof was purposely designed to allow pre-assembly on the ground, furnished by cladding and equipment and heavy lifted to the final position on top of columns (+21 m). This method of construction was used for the first time in the Czech Republic for the first time.

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Macalloy at EcoBuild Kuala Lumpur

Macalloy at Ecobuild, Kuala Lumpur

Congratulations to Macalloy Representative, @Sern Liang Lim and his team for exhibiting at Ecobuild SEA for the second year running.  A very productive few days.

Ecobuild SEA, held in conjunction with International Construction Week, is currently the largest construction trade event in Malaysia.


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VTB Arena, Moscow Russia

Work is well under way at the VTB Arena - also known as Dynamo Central Stadium. Macalloy have provided galvanised 520 Grade Tension Rods in M16, M85 and M100. Work is expected to be completed later on this year, ready to host FIFA 2018 World Cup. Macalloy is also supplying Tension Rods to 4 other Russian Stadiums/Arena's - again these venues will be hosting the 2018 World Cup.



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Site Services

Macalloy can provide support for installation and stressing of all our products. Site services support includes equipment hire, training of site personnel to install and tension bars and on site installation.

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